Privacy Policy

Categories of Information

The staff collects and maintains a master list of all members. This list includes information about member names, emails, and optional information such as phone, address, and member preferences that each member selects such as whether or not they wish to receive our monthly e-newsletter. Additionally, collects data that are submitted by its members such as species occurrences, site characteristics of any sort, and other data as specified by project managers for volunteers to submit.

Use and Disclosure of Information

As a policy, the names, emails, and addresses of all participants are not shared or made public for any reason, with the following exceptions: (1) project coordinators are provided access to their project participant names and emails so that they may communicate with their project participants on an as-needed basis, (2) the master participant list may be shared with the staff for internal programmatic research purposes, and (3) the names of individual contributors of observations may be listed in an effort to applaud and recognize the hard work and dedication of those participating in projects. This may include listing the name of the volunteer who submitted an observation and/or the sharing of data and/or pictures submitted by volunteers as per our data use policy. Such sharing is solely for the purpose of management and operations of and projects. Sharing of this information is only to support the mission of empowering the efforts of citizen science projects and their volunteers. Subscription to our e-newsletter is voluntary and entirely up to each participant. Other than the uses listed above, we do not share, sell, rent, or lease any of your specific personal information including name, phone, address, email, with anyone.

Collaboration and Data Sharing

As a policy, shares the names and emails of project managers only, and essential project metadata such as title, description, purpose, goals, topics, participant tasks, image and profile URLs, and keywords with SciStarter for all projects created on This sharing of basic project information across databases facilitates the broader understanding about citizen science globally. However, SciStarter shall not share this information with anyone, for any purpose except as in accordance with their privacy policy and shall display this information only if you opt-in and signify that you wish for this information to be displayed publically on SciStarter to help recruit participants and advance science and research. We default this option to 'do not publish on SciStarter' unless you opt-in for this free service.

Additional Policies

We disclose your information to third parties only as reasonably required to protect the rights and safety of our members, our organization, our employees, and users as you expressly permit and as required by law. We may transfer your information in the event of a merger, consolidation or acquisition. However, in such event, any acquirer will be subject to the provisions of our commitments to you and this privacy policy.

Email Communication From

We may send you periodic information via email which we feel may be of interest to you only if you opt-in for such email. We do not share your personal information with any third parties in connection with our email communications. Please note that we may use a third party service provider to administer email lists. Any such provider may not use your email information for any purpose other than in connection with providing and monitoring our email alerts to you.

Notification of changes

Any changes in our Privacy Policy will be posted to this website and will become effective as of the date of posting with respect to information we then collect in the future, but will not be changed with respect to information that we have then already collected. It is and will be your responsibility to review our Privacy Policy from time to time to make sure you are aware of any changes. We urge you to review this privacy policy on an ongoing basis to make sure you are aware of any and all changes which may have been made. However, we will do our best to notify you of such changes via our email communication channels.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding this privacy policy.