Feature Fridays!

What are Feature Fridays?

CitSci.org hosts a monthly 'Feature Fridays' webinar series, where you, as current CitSci.org community members, are invited to offer your ideas and thoughts about improvements to CitSci.org. These webinars, conducted on the first Friday of each month, focus on a specific topic or feature of CitSci.org. We demonstrate how to use the website feature and then open it up for discussion. Together, we hope to guide the future of this exciting platform in support of your citizen science / community based monitoring efforts.

Upcoming Webinar

We will not host an October 2015 webinar, but stay tuned.

Date: TBD

Details: Join here

Dial: TBD

Access Code: TBD

Past Webinars

 Date: Feature Recording
August 7, 2015 How do you go from raw data to meaningful results? (Part 3 in series of 3) Download
August 7, 2015 How do you go from raw data to meaningful results? (Part 2 in series of 3) Download
July 10, 2015 How do you go from raw data to meaningful results? (Part 1 in series of 3) Download
June 5, 2015 Volunteer management and logistics tools Download
May 1, 2015 Data Privacy and Sharing Download
April 3, 2015 Redesigning the "My Profile Page" Download
March 6, 2015 Opening up CitSci.org Coming Soon
February 6, 2015 Overview of CitSci.org Capabilities Not available
January 9, 2015 New data entry capabilities: bioblitz, dates, and text. Download
December 5, 2014 Analyzing data Download
November 7, 2014 Scientific outcomes of project data Download
October 3, 2014 What's Trending Download
September 5, 2014 Communications Download
August 1, 2014 Visualizing Data Download
July 11, 2014 Downloading Data Download
June 6, 2014 QA/QC Download
May 2, 2014 Review of Feature Developments Coming Soon
April 4, 2014 Plots, Subplots, Transects, and Protocols! Download
March 7, 2014 Viewing Data: Observations List and Map Download
February 7, 2014 Data Entry and Confirmation Download
January 10, 2014 What's being measured on CitSci.org?: Creating organism and site attributes Download
December 6, 2013 Building Datasheets Download
November 8, 2013 Creating Projects Not available

Getting Started with GoToMeeting

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2. Below is a screenshot of the GoToMeeting control panel you will see once logged into the webinar.

3. Please contact us with any questions.