Data Use Policy Data Use Policy is a non-profit, community-based organization encouraging volunteer participation in the measurement and reporting of matters of concern to them. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support for citizen science and community-based monitoring efforts worldwide. The data gathered by volunteer observers for 'public projects' through the system is freely available to governments, academic institutions and the private sector as well as participants and the general public for the purposes of promoting learning, enhancing scientific knowledge, and protecting life and property. data from 'public projects' are made available to the public via the web site ( Data from 'private projects' are not made available via the website to non-members and are only accessible by project members. We kindly ask that those using data please acknowledge the source(s) of the data. Unless otherwise noted (e.g., private projects), all content and data are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Since is a non-profit network supported by donations and grants, the ongoing sustainability of depends upon support through both direct and in-kind donations. As we work cooperatively and collaboratively with many organizations, we hope that those using data will support the organization by giving back in ways that will benefit and enhance its existence and help continue its ability to provide educational opportunities, data management and visualization support services, and critical and timely information on variables relevant to local and global communities.

Disclaimer data are provided "as is", and in no event shall the providers be liable for any damage or loss due to missing data or mis-interpretation of its content.