Developer APIs

Application Programming Interfaces

We have begun to develop some Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow developers to access data. These APIs create an interface for two software applications to communicate with each other via a web service. Currently, our APIs are prototypes that support RESTful web series delivering JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data. In the future we hope to offer both XML and JSON Support.

Get Project Data

Currently our first prototype API delivers JSON data for any specified project containing only the latitude and longitude coordinates of all project species observations.



API URL Example

How To Get a Project ID:

To find the project ID, go to your projects page. Look in the URL above the page. The "URL" should read something like:

This tells you the webpage(Project_Info) the OrgnizationID, and finally the Project ID. Copy and paste this ID into the API's URL.

More API's Coming Soon...

If you have requests, contact us.

Additional API Documentation, API Documentation.