Create Projects

Tell us a little bit about your project (like its name, goals and tasks involved in participating). We'll create your project, add it to CitSci.org, and you’ll be up and running! Plus, with one click, you can automatically share your project with SciStarter to help you recruit participants.

Manage Project Members

You choose how people sign-up for your project, including options for public or private membership. Send emails from the platform to members of your project, keep track of who’s submitting data, even customize the sampling sites each member is assigned to!

Build Datasheets

You know what data you need to collect, now you just need an online datasheet to collect it! Use our Datasheet Creator to create customized datasheets for your projects. The datasheets are made available to the volunteers in your project for print, web, or mobile use.

Accessible on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

You can access all of the features of your citizen science project via desktop computer and tablet and most via smartphone. Our mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone and works on- and off-line so you can do you science wherever you are (even in slot canyons).

View Data on Maps and Charts

Using Google Maps and Highcharts.com software, you can visualize your data with maps, bar charts, scatterplots and more.

Analyze Data

You can analyze data over time with basic summary statistics, view scatterplots comparing two different variables, and more. You can export your data as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file as well.

Choose Open or Member-Based Projects

Whether you’re conducting a bioblitz where everyone's invited to participate or working on a citizen science project that requires your approval for membership, you determine your project's settings.

Make your data public or keep it private

Maybe you have a citizen science project that is open but the data being collected are sensitive. You can set the privacy settings for your data. Currently this feature is limited to making all or none of your data public or private, but we're working on a way to make it possible for you to decide whether individual data points are public or private as well.

Upload Legacy Data

Starting a project on our platform but have an existing dataset you’d like to include? No problem! We have tools to support bulk uploading of legacy data.

Share Photos

You and your project members can upload photos to accompany observations and general photos showcasing your project.

Share Your Content with Wikis

Have training materials, reports, newsletters or other documents you want to share with your members? Post them to your project wiki so they always have a place to access them.

Host Discussions with Forums

Forums are a great place for Frequently Asked Questions about your project and to host discussions about new ideas that come up.

Integrate automatically with other citizen science platforms

CitSci.org is integrated with SciStarter, an online marketing platform for citizen science projects, so you can automatically reach new audiences with your project. We are also actively creating integrations with iNaturalist, CyberTracker, and GBIF (the Global Biodiversity Information Facility).

Evaluate Success & Get Feedback

Create your own surveys to get feedback from members to understand what's working (and what's not) and conduct program evaluations.